WMR™ EHC Oil Moisture Contamination Control

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WMR™  EHC oil moisture contamination Control System keeps moisture and particulates out of the tank. Ultra-dry clean air plays an important role in drying the tank head space and absorbing water from the fluid.

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The WMR™ is designed to be simple to use. Made with advanced membrane and aluminum housing. During the whole working process, the air flows through the precision membrane module, and then enters the oil tank from the pipeline of the equipment after dehumidification. The rated dew point temperature of Wasion WMR™ is -40℃, and the dew point temperature of -40 very important for removing the EHC fluid. moisture is extremely important.

The oil should be pre-filtered when fill to machines in operation that’s the best way to control contaminations entering your lubricating system. WMR is an ideal products to meet such needs. It adopts durable gear pump and high-efficiency filter cartridge(3-stage filtration) protecting lubrication & hydraulic system away foreign contaminant.

Product Features

Prevents contaminants from entering the oil tank through air.

Remove moisture not only from the head space of reservoir but also from the oil by dry air.

Keeps the water content of fire-resistant oil below 150PPM.

Improves the resistivity of fire-resistant oil and slow down the oil oxidation cycle.

Prevents the formation of acids and reduces the needs of acid removal filters.

Patented air drying membrane with a special tubing case to lower the gas dew point to -40℃.

Less maintenance time and labor required.

Low investment cost and high ROI.

Technical Data


Working Principle

Balanced charge coalescence-submicron filtratio


The diagram moisture movement in reservoir

When the headspace of the oil tank is occupied by clean and dry air, the water molecules dissolved in the oil will gradually transfer from the saturated area to the dry area due to the principle of humidity difference. Therefore, the water in the oil will be removed by the clean and dry air that continuously enters.


Humid air and dry EHC oil
Air humidity>Oil humidity,
Mositure enters into oil.


Air Humidity=Oil humidity,
Mositure keeps a stable movement.


Dry air and humid EHC oil
Air humidity<Oil humidity,
Mositure moves upward to headspac.

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