Wicm Online Oil Contamination Monitor

Short Description:

WICM automatically counts and displays the number of particles, moisture and temperature in fluid.

WICM is designed for the applications where oil condition is required for continously monitoring and analysis

Product Detail

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Product Features

8 channel contamination measurement & display.

Measurement and report format against the following standards


The measurement of moisture & temperature depends on fluid.

Data record with capacity of 4000 test results.

Access to setting by manual,automatic or remote control.

LED display, remote alarm signal is optional in R-model.

Robust aluminum casting structure, max pressure reaches 400 bar

Ingress protection grade:IP65/67

Technical Data

Led based light extinction automatic optical contamination monitor
Particle Size
>4,6,14,21,25,38,50,70ìm(c),Standard ISO 4406
Analysis Range
ISO 4406 0 to 25, NAS 1638 Grade 00 to 12, AS4059 Rev.E.
Table 1&2 size A-F: 000 to 12 ISO 11218 00-12 (lower limits are test time dependent)
±1/2 code for 4,6,14μm,(c) ;± 1 code for larger sizes
Each unit individually calibrated with ISO Medium Test Dust(MTD)
Flow Rate
20 - 400 ml/min
Viscosity Range
≤ 1000 cSt
Fluid Temperature
+25°C to +80°C
Max Pressure
400 bar pressure limit
Test Time
Adjustable10–3600sec. Default 120sec
Moisture Measure
% RH (Relative humidity) ±3%
Temperature Measurement
Flow rate Measurement
Refer display screen
Data Storage
Communiation Option
Standard RS485, RS232, MODBUS, CANBUS
Ambient Protection
-25°C ~ 80°C (Not model-K) - -25°C to 55°C( Model-K)
Ingress Protection
IP 65/67,IK04 impact protection
1.15 kg
1.15 kg
9-36V DC

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