WJL Balanced Charge Oil Purifier For Particle Removal

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Remove sub-micon particles (0.1 μm)

WJL uses the balanced charge technology to charge the small size contaminants by positive(+) &negative(-) electrodes. As fluid mixed again, oppositely charged contaminants attract to each other to agglomerate to form larger size that can be captured and removed by standard fine filters.WJL can not only remove sub-micron contamination, but also completely remove polar sludge and varnish inside which greatly improve the cleanliness level of your lubricating & hydraulic system.

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With high filtration rating, WJL can removes sub-micron(0.1 μm) contaminants.

WJL can quickly remove the suspended contaminants from oil and strip off the sludge/varnish adhering on the inner wall of the  hydraulic system playing the function of system cleaning.

Dehydration filter element is optional for removing free water quickly and effectively.

Suitable for the systems with large amount of fine particles and oil degradation products.

Flow Chart

Technical Data


Working Principle


Dual Charging Technology 

First of all, lubricating oils pass through pre-filter, some of the large-size particles get removed, and the remaining particulate contaminants accompany the oil into the charging and mixing process.

2 paths are set up at the charging and mixing area, and the oil is charged by electrodes with positive and negative charges respectively. The fine particles flowing through are induced positive(+) and negative(-) charges respectively and then mixed together again.

The positive and negative charges interact with each other in the respective electric field, and the positive/negative charged particulates absorb each other and grow up larger and the particulate contaminants become particles gradually and finally are captured and removed by the filters.


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