WJYJ Series Oil Filter Cart For Particle Removal

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Remove particles

Imported brand configuration of key components, performance meets the requirements of similar foreign products.

All imported Italian MP (German ARGO) filter elements with high filtration performance; 3μm, β≥200, NAS10-11 grade new oil can reach NAS5-6 grade through the oil filter once; 5μm, β≥200, NAS10-11 grade new oil can reach NAS6-7 grade through the oil filter one time.

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Optional with water absorption filter, a single water absorption is about 1300ml,Optional with portable oil pollution detector,Top-removable design, easy to replace the filter element.

The sludge impurities, varnish, and colloidal dirt adhered to the inner surface of the system can realize the cleaning function of the equipment, and continuous operation can avoid the occurrence of adhesion of precision servo valves and other parts and valve stuck accidents.

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Product Introduction

The oil should be pre-filtered when fill to machines in operation that’s the best way to control contaminations entering your lubricating system. WJYJ is an ideal products to meet such needs. It adopts durable gear pump and high-efficiency filter cartridge(3-stage filtration) protecting lubrication & hydraulic system away foreign contaminant.


● Petroleum or mineral based oil(Please contact us before doing filtration for other fiuids).
● Recommended max viscosity 200cSt(Please contact us before applying to higher vistcosity).
● New oil,in-service oil filtration, Fill reservoir with new oil.
● Remove the water in system.
● Enhance existing system filtration capability.

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