WJZ-K8™ EHC System Oil Purifier

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It improves fluid resistivity and reduces the contaminants and moisture content.

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NewformulatedDRIE element removes acid effectively and keep the acid number lower than 0.08. Its capacity of acid removal is 7 timer higher than diatomite

Balanced charge coalescence technology removes insolub le varnish/sludge, keeping cleanliness under NAS 5.

Increase resistivity of fire-resistant oil to avoid electrochemical corrosion.

Rapid removal of metal ions(Ca,Mg,Na,Fe) from the use of diatomaceous earth filters.

DRIE adopt uniformed microbean compound will not leak to EHC fiuid.

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Flow Chart

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Phosphate ester-based hydraulic fiuids are the most common fire-resistant EHC fiuids in use today. It offers higher fiash and fire points than mineral oils. The most importantly,it is less likely to spread fiaming streams or burning pools of oil. But it is also with disadvantages of poor thermal/hydrolysis stability. So the deterioration of EHC oil is inevitable during operation, such as increased acid number/water content and decreased resistivity. To ensure the stable operation and prolong the lifetime of fire-resistant oil, it’s extremely important to mange health EHC fiuid.
WJZ-K8 combines balanced charge coalescence and dry resin ion-exchange elements,which can effectively remove & prevents acid from EHC system.

Balanced charge coalescence-submicron filtration

Powered by balanced charge coalescence technoloy, WJZ can removes all insoluble contaminants from your system including submicron sludge and varnish. As the oil mixed with charged particles continues to circulate in the system, the contaminants adhere to the surface of inside system will be continuously absorb and wash off, thus making the entire hydraulic system clean.
Working PrincipleThe fiuid carrying the small particulates is divided into two branches, which are loaded with positive (+) and negative
(-) charges respectively. The small particulates pick up these charge and fiow toward mixing area. Positive & negative particles attract each other and agglomerate to form larger particles. Then larger particles are big enough to be captured and removed by standard filters.


Dry resin ion-exchange element

The new formulation of DRIE not only removes dissolved molecular varnish but also removes acid from fire-resistant fiuid. Compared to other acid removal technologies, DRIE has higher acid removal capacity,long service life and more efficiency. And DIRE element will not introduce water during its operation.
A new formulation of DRIE element has a great effect on optimizing aicd number and resistivity of firefi resistant oil.


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