Maintenance Engineers around the world know how important it is to keep the lube oil and hydraulic system in their critical equipment absolutely clean. This applies to pre-commissioning of new equipment as well as maintenance of existing equipment, and with this purpose in mind, Winsonda provides a wide range of hydraulic system & lube oil contamination control and purification services.

We provide comprehensive solutions focused on lube oil purification, dehydration and varnish removal. Our team of professional Service Technicians help you:

● Meet or exceed ISO and NAS cleanliness requirements.

● Minimize Premature Failure of Critical Components.

● Reduce Emergency Outages and Downtime.

● Maximize Equipment Reliability.

● Extend Oil and Filter Life, Reduce Overall Maintenance Costs.

Winsonda has factory-trained and experienced personnel who will meet with your maintenance staff to conduct oil sampling and analysis, choose the suitable filtration equipment, monitoring oil data etc. We performs a variety of Field Services related to hydraulic, lubrication, and fuel oil cleanliness.

Primary Industries Served:

★ Air separation  

★ Power plant 

★ Petrochemical / Refining

★ Steel  

★ Automotive Parts Manufacturing

★ Plastic Injection Molding

★ Marine

★ Mining

Oil Analysis

With professional lab and testing equipments to do oil sampling and analysis, this enables us to qualify the condition of the oil and lube oil system components, and we follow ISO and ASTM test methods.

Oil analysis

Filter Replacement

Winsonda filters are all manufactured in our own factory, made from 100% natural cellulose fibres. Natural organic sustainable fibres are nature’s best with properties superior to those of synthetic fibres. 

Filter replacement


Our training programmes include installation/commissioning online guidance, provides foundational training in oil & lubricants, machinery lubrication and oil sampling etc. 


On-site Service 

Winsonda provide installation & commissioning, service check, repair & upgrades, trouble shooting, oil cleaning projects, online monitoring on-site service. 

On-site service

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