WZJC Vacuum Dehydration Unit

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Remove water

Unique degassing and dehydration system to quickly separate moisture and gas in oil. The heating system adopts the most optimized pipeline design to ensure uniform heating and stable oil temperature.

Automatic constant temperature control system, automatic liquid level control system, automatic defoaming control system, automatic pressure protection system and sophisticated configuration to ensure high-performance equipment operation.

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Precise filtration system, large dirt holding capacity, can effectively remove mechanical impurities in the oil, and equipped with automatic pollution detection function.This machine has humanized design, low noise, easy operation, long maintenance interval, low energy consumption and saving operating cost. Filter oil online,can be unattended, the running status is shown by the indicator light.

Equipped with filter element replacement index, filter element saturation shutdown device. Equipped with leakage and overload shutdown device to protect the motor.Equipped with phase sequence, lack of phase protection function, sudden shutdown safety control.

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Working Principle

Vacuum Dehydration

The vacuum dehydration is inspired by vacuum distillation processes used in refineries. Distillation separates components of a liquid mixture by partial vaporization and separate recovery of the vapor and liquid residue. The more volatile components, water convert to the vaporous state while the less volatile oil remains.

The process involves 3 steps that is heating, vaporization, condensation and cooling of vapors. Vacuum distillation permits vaporization at reduced temperatures. For example, water can reach boiling point at boils at 57°C(135°F) in vacuum tank which is much lower than its boiling point 100°C (212°F) at atmospheric pressure.

-Heating fluid contributing to transfer all state water into vapor in heating tank.

-Diffusing fluid in vacuum evaporating tank. This process involves expanding oil to produce high surface area to facilitate the vaporous extraction of water.

-Cooling the steam transfer to condensed water and settle down for separating out. And remaining dried oil flow throw fine filter to remove contaminants further.

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