Filter element

  • Portable Particle Counter

    Portable Particle Counter

    Oil particle counter can detect and analyze oil particle degree and cleanliness; It can also be used to detect insoluble particles in organic liquid and polymer solution. Also known as particle counter, oil particle analyzer, oil contamination analyzer, hydraulic oil contamination detector, oil analysis, oil monitoring, lubricating oil particle analysis

  • Filter element

    Filter element

    The coalescing dehydration system is composed of coalescing filter elements. The coalescing filter element adopts a unique polar molecular structure. After filtering, the free water and emulsified water in the oil will be broken into large water droplets by breaking the lactic acid, and will settle under the action of gravity. to storage tank The separation filter element is made of Teflon mesh, which has good hydrocarbon-philic and hydrophobic properties. The water droplets stay on the surfa...
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