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Coalescing filter

The coalescing dehydration system is composed of coalescing filter elements. The coalescing filter element adopts a unique polar molecular structure. After filtering, the free water and emulsified water in the oil will be broken into large water droplets by breaking the lactic acid, and will settle under the action of gravity. to storage tank

Separation filter elements

The separation filter element is made of Teflon mesh, which has good hydrocarbon-philic and hydrophobic properties. The water droplets stay on the surface of the filter element and are not easy to pass through. Other water droplets converge to form larger water droplets.

 Imported coalescing filter elements 100% synthetic materialsNo cellulose, reducing the risk of filter compatibility




Fully imported double stage separation precision filter element characteristics

 Water blocking and high efficiency fiberglass post-filtration

Electrostatic adsorption collector


Electrostatic adsorption collector plays an important role on WJD oil purifier, by electrostatic barrels are generated within the high voltage electric field, similar to the formation of a strong electric field, the collector is like a container, electric field, the oil pollutants in adsorption clean, achieve the purpose of clean oil, Compared with the ordinary mechanical filter element, it has the advantages of large pollution absorption and high adsorption accuracy.

Resin filter element


Ion Exchange Resin - DICR™ is able to remove soluble contaminants from turbine oil, ensuring a decrease in MPC index, because most of them are soluble during turbine operation, and these products only form precipitation when they reach saturation, relying on static electricity Equipment cannot remove these dissolved by-products.

Using the abundant basic groups on the adsorption material, it can well adsorb all kinds of substances with acidic groups. The specially formulated resin gives the varnish embryo high affinity to the filter medium, so as to have a high removal rate of degraded products.

Patent DICR ™ dry ion exchange resin filter element for removing acid material and soluble metal salts is used for the application of:

· organic phosphate

· Polyhydroxyl ester

· mineral oil

20,000,000 Hours of usage performance


· resistance to chemical attack

· High quality, no leakage


· Stainless steel material

· Design guarantees that no rupture will occur

· Meet the ANSI standard requirements, and the internal media will not leak


· The acid value drops to <0.05 ± 0.03

High acid value to 0.5, works within 24 hours.

· Remove the dissolved metal pollutants to reach the EPRI Specifications, Ca, Mg, Fe, Na <10ppm.

· Can improve the color of the fluid

· Improve the resistivity of the fluid (see later)

· The life of the filter element is determined by the operation of the system pollution degree of the media

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Rate of flow

· axial flow

· Prevent gel formation and flow

· Ensure the maximum contact time of the fluid and the medium


· Highest removal capacity, up to 15gme / ft3

· Available for all ester-based fluids and mineral oils

· Can replace all other acid removal media

· Low water content design to ensure the treatment effect

· Continuous removal of precipitated and dissolved metal ions

· No vacuum dehydration is required

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Featured services:

· Validation by laboratory analysis before and after use

· Provide targeted services for specific systems

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Changes in resistivity after using Winsonda's DICR ™ dry ion exchange resin

Variation in acid value

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