Winsonda at China Equipment Management Conference

On December 22-23, 2021, “The 6th China Equipment Management Conference” was held in Jinan, Shandong Province, and Wisepac was invited to attend this conference as a well-known domestic oil pollution control company.


At the meeting, Cherry,Ding, sales director of Winsonda, made a keynote speech of “varnish removal technology and oil pollution solutions” on behalf of the company, sharing the company’s 12 years of experience and exploration in the field of oil pollution control research and development and solutions, explaining the importance of the full range of oil purification equipment for the healthy operation and scientific maintenance of the unit, and with the experts, application customers and industry colleagues for The company also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with experts, application customers and industry colleagues.


Earlier, President Xi Jinping that China’s 2030 years ago carbon peak, 2060 years ago carbon neutral goal, but in reality, many industrial lubricants due to the use of pollution caused by the overall oil change is a great waste, but also pollution of the environment; and oil change still may not be able to solve the problem of pollution within the lubricant system, such as pollution, and equipment due to oil pollution there is a risk of safe operation.


Green mountain is the silver mountain! For these pain points, Kunshan Weishengda as a new environmental protection company, not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission, specializing in industrial lubricating oil pollution control services, brave to take social responsibility, energy saving and environmental protection as the purpose, combined with electrostatic adsorption, balanced charge, ion adsorption, efficient water removal technology, to ensure long-term use after the turbine oil, anti-fuel, hydraulic oil, gear oil, and other industrial oil cleaning problems, improve The overall service life of lubricating oil, reduce the consumption of lubricating oil, save the purchase cost of lubricating oil as well as the operation and maintenance cost of the equipment, reduce the emission to protect the environment, without affecting the continuous production, low cost and good effect, realize the long-term stable operation of the equipment, also will greatly reduce the pollution and waste oil disposal cost. Safe, healthy, and bring considerable economic benefits and social and environmental significance for customers.

Post time: Jun-03-2019
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