Balanced Charge Oil Purifier installed on SKF(China) factory

Customer background

The customer is the largest bearing manufacturer in the world, headquartered in Sweden.

Customer pain points

The small tapered roller bearing produced by the customer can cool down and protect the bearing after heat treatment – quenching process. If the quenching oil contains more impurities, the cooling capacity of the medium will be reduced, which will affect the performance of the bearing after quenching, and at the same time lead to poor brightness, so the purification of the quenching oil is particularly important.

Oil details

Process: heat treatment

Oil type: quenching oil

Fuel tank capacity: 6m³

Before and after purification

Before purification: NAS grade: ≥ grade 9

After purification: NAS grade: ≤ grade 6

Comprehensive evaluation

Winsonda’s balanced charge oil purifier uses the action of electric charge to clump the impurities in the quenching oil, intercept the impurities through the filter element, and then the filtered clean oil enters the quenching oil pool to cool the bearing. The customer used our WJL-30 balanced charge oil purifier, and the cleanliness level of the quenching oil dropped to below level 6, and the effect was obvious. After that, 3 sets of WZJC-2KY vacuum dehydrator oil purifier were purchased at the headquarters in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Sweden.


Principle of Balanced Charge Oil Purifier

The positive and negative electrodes are placed in two paths in the non-conductive fluid to charge and charge the particulate pollutants in the fluid, one is loaded with positive (+) charges, the other is loaded with negative (-) charges, and then the particles are charged with opposite charges. Remix, attract each other and accumulate into agglomerates, which become larger in size, so that the fine particles that are not easy to filter can be easily removed by filtration. For more information, please refer   https://www.winsonda.com/wjl-balanced-charge-oil-purifier-for-particle-removal-product/

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Post time: Jul-22-2022
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