Shell visit Winsonda factory and deeply communication

On October 10, 2022, the technical team of Shell (China) Co., Ltd. visited Winsonda and conducted in-depth exchanges on the technical principles, application cases, production facts, and service scope of Winsonda lubricating oil purifiers. Winsonda Environmental CTO Liu Wei, CEO Lai Xiaoyan and Sales Director Ms. Ding Yinghong attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Lai Xiaoyan, CEO of Winsonda  , welcomed the visit of Shell’s technical team and introduced the related business segments of Winsonda oil purifiers. The meeting focused on the relevant application scenarios of Winsonda electrostatic oil purifiers, balanced charge oil purifiers and paint film oil purifiers. A brief overview of charge-type oil purifiers, etc. In order to deepen the understanding of oil purifier products, after the meeting, CEO Lai Xiaoyan led Shell’s technical team into the workshop to observe the production process, inspection and delivery of the oil purifier up close. The appearance, principle, operation specifications, application scenarios, typical cases and filter consumables of the machine are explained in detail.

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In this exchange, the technical team of Shell (China) Co., Ltd. unanimously recognized and appreciated the oil purifier products and professional service team capabilities of Winsonda. In the future, Winsonda Environmental Protection will continue to strengthen technical exchanges with Shell (China) Co., Ltd.

Post time: Oct-22-2022
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