LyondellBasell Petrochemical Case Study

• Introduction of Bora LyondellBasell Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.(BLYB)

The client is a joint venture invested by Liaoning Bora Enterprise Group Co., LTD., one of China’s top 500 enterprises, and Lyondell Basell Industries co., LTD., one of the world’s largest chemical enterprises.

• Equipment brief description

Compressor brand Mitsubishi
Compressor Pattern K-300
Device name cracked gas compressor
Oil type Shell Duobao T32# turbine oil
Oil service time 8 months
Oil tank capacity 10m³

• Equipment operation and pain points of customers

3.1 Equipment operation:

Part of bearing temperature rises, bearing bush temperature fluctuation rises, up to 105℃,  brings great hidden trouble to the equipment operation.

3.2  Customer pain points:

The fluctuation of bearing temperature increases, which brings great hidden trouble to the stable operation of equipment.

• Fault cause analysis

The MPC of the oil  was 10.2 after tested by the third party, which was not higher than 15 (ASTMD7843), but the operation cycle of the oil was very short, which was significantly higher than the new oil. Moreover, the pollution degree was high, and certain wear abnormalities appeared. It was suspected that the varnish had been formed.

• Winsondas solution

Oil purifier pattern WVD-II(anti-explosion)
Filter principle electrostatic adhesion+Ion-exchange resin


Treatment capacity 20L/min
 Run time November 2020 to present


• Operational result

After the customer uses our varnish removal unit, the bearing bush temperature drops from 105℃ to 96℃ and keeps stable, the MPC from 10.2 to 4.5, cleanliness is improved, and the equipment runs normally.


• Data presentation.



• Customer comprehensive  evaluation and repurchase situation

Comprehensive evaluation: The customer is very satisfied with the varnish removal unit effect and the analysis of the improved oil index.  

Repurchase situation: all the three ethylene compressor machines are equipped with Winsonda’s varnish removal unit later.

Post time: Oct-28-2022
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