Hydraulic Pump Test Bench Case Study

Danfoss Power Systems (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

  • Customer background

Customers are world-leading product manufacturers and service providers in the fields of refrigeration and air conditioning controls, heating and water controls, and drive controls. There are 70 factories with strict quality management control around the world, producing 250,000 high-quality products every day, and more than 23,600 highly educated employees provide product marketing and service to the world.

  • Customer industry


  • Customer pain points

The oil cleanliness index of the hydraulic pump test bench is abnormal

Device name: oil pump test bench

Solve the problem: the cleanliness indicator is abnormal

  • Oil details

Oil tank capacity: 1000L

Oil type: hydraulic oil 46#

Oil usage time: 1 year

  • Choose our solution

Oil purifier model: WJL-50 balanced charge oil purifier

Operation time of oil purifier: 2019 to present

  • Before purification

Cleanliness NAS1638: Level 6

Unit operation: oil cleanliness during oil pump test.

  • After purification

Cleanliness NAS1638: Level 2

Operation of the unit: After using the equipment, the cleanliness has been stable at level 2

  • Comprehensive evaluation

After the use of our balanced charge oil purifier equipment, the oil cleanliness of the test bench has been stable at level 2, which can meet the customer’s technical requirements, and the filter element replacement cycle has been extended. A total of 5 sets oil purifiers were purchased later.