How to solve turbine bearing temperature high?

As an important part of the steam turbine unit, once the temperature of the bearing bush rises abnormally, it will not only reduce the application performance of the bearing itself, but also affect the normal operation of the whole unit, resulting in shutdown accidents. Aiming at the problem of abnormal temperature rise of bearing bush of nuclear power steam turbine.

Most precision installed and lubricated equipment will operate at less than 180 degrees F. A bearing temperature that is less than 180 degrees F is typically considered acceptable (see the chart below). Of course, there may be other consequences for operating in this “good” range. A higher operating temperature will cause the bearing lubricant to deteriorate at a faster rate.

At more than 150 degrees F, the lubricant life can be cut by 50 percent for every additional 18 degrees F. A higher operating temperature also means a lower operating viscosity for the lubricant, which may hurt the overall reliability of the equipment.

Here is one case how do we deal with bearing bush temperature problem.


Sanjiang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Equipment introduction

Supercharger brand MAN Turbo
device name Air separation booster
Turbocharger oil type Mobil DTE 846 Turbine Oil
Oil use time 3 years
Fuel tank capacity 6000L

Equipment operation status and pain points

1.1 Equipment operation: In September 2017 , the temperature of the supercharger bearing rose slowly, and rose to 92 degrees in November

1.2 Customer pain point: temperature rise of supercharger bearing bush

Failure Cause Analysis

In September 2017, the supercharger bearing temperature rose slowly to 92°C, posing a risk of tripping

program measures

Oil purifier model WVD-II varnish removal unit
Filtration principle Static adsorption+resin
Processing capacity 20L/min
operation hours 2017-12
program measures1
program measures2


In September 2017, the bearing temperature of the supercharger rose slowly. After rising to 92 degrees in November, the WSD WVD-II varnish removal unit for varnish removal was put into use. After 7 days of operation, the bearing temperature did not rise steadily, and it began to drop after 15 days. , after 2 months, the bearing temperature dropped to about 85 degrees,

Data display

Data display1
Data display2
Data display3

Comparison before and after oil cleaner treatment

Data display4
Data display5

Customer comprehensive evaluation and subsequent repurchase

Comprehensive evaluation: The temperature fluctuation situation has been completely resolved.

Repurchase situation: In December 2018 , the customer inspected several units at the same time and found that the bearing varnish of the turbocharger using the WSD varnish removal unithad been completely removed, but the air compressor did not use the WSD varnish removal unit, the varnish is still serious, in order to ensure the stable operation of the air compressor, in February 2019 , the air compressor station also added a new WVD-II varnish removal machine from our company, and purchased a total of 3 from our company. oil purifier.

Post time: Nov-21-2022
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